Imagine reading a magazine, a brochure, a catalogue or a book where pages have rich-media contents as pictures, audio or video files, 360° images, information popups, and much, much more.

Imagine that, in real time, you could update your users directly on their mobile devices, and have detailed statistics about their interaction.

Imagine sharing your contents with your customers, partners or employees, on the fly, trough major app stores.

And don’t forget, by reducing your printed documents distribution, you are also preserving the environment. By converting all or part of your print documents into digital, you will help to save forests and wildlife.


For any business

Mobile platform, designed with business in mind, that enables businesses of any size to effortlessly deploy and maintain their own high quality business communication content-driven app.

Ready to Amaze

Amaze your users and win new audiences by showing content that really matters, accessible any time and carried everywhere, and enhance relationships and strengthen brand awareness with a sophisticated approach.

The Cloud

The two-part platform consists of a cloud system (mobiSHOUT! Server), where all contents are stored, and personalised mobile applications (mobiSHOUT! App), working together to deliver a cost-effective solution with an amazing user experience.

Easy & Simple

No need of a dedicated infra-structure, IT people or specially made content, allowing you to concentrate in what you do best, running your business.


  • over-the-air content updates, notification services;
  • multiple language and location support;
  • natural multi-touch gestures (pinch to zoom, scroll, text selection, copy & paste, etc.);
  • expandable table of contents, dynamic searching, favorites, snap and share pages, tap to call;
  • send email or open links, built-in web browser, HD video player;
  • contacts integration, public and personal mail messages;
  • maps with GPS and directions support;
  • realistic visual and sound effects;
  • multiple orientation screens, help with visual tips;
  • newsstand support (iOS) and much more.


Documents library

All documents that have been published into your app can be seen at a glance on the virtual shelf.

Browse and zoom documents

Browsing a document is smooth, fast and without delays between pages. In a page, your user can find information details popups associated with specific page topics: detailed boxes, photo galleries, videos, virtual tours, etc.

One touch access to interactive multimedia contents

All in-depth contents on the page can be accessed with a simple touch on the screen. Opening an information details popup or playing a video, an audio, or displaying additional photos, is instant.

Indexes list

Simplifies the document and multimedia contents browsing for your user by indexing the pages and adding an analytical index to your multimedia contents.

Open, secured or paid documents

You decide who can access your contents: Open document – free and accessible to anyone inside the app; Secured document – accessible only with a password/registered users;Paid document – in-app purchase of a single document or by subscription service.

Sharing (coming soon)

Allows to share publications, trough e-mail, or social networks, increasing your product, brand, or company visibility and awareness.

Content Feedback (coming soon)

At a click of a button, your users can rate and provide feedback on the content consumed. Over a short period of time a knowledge-base of content suitability, usability and value can be automatically gained to inform future return on investment and content usage.

Favorite pages management (coming soon)

A user feature to create a custom favorites list for easier access to specific contents.


“About You” page

You can introduce your company, your brand, your contents or any further information you want to share with your App users.

Monetize Your App

Generate additional revenue by offering sponsor and exhibitor profile pages, products information or whatever, with links to websites, flyers, and important company information.

RSS feeds

Allow the user to receive your RSS communication feed in the app.

Social Facebook/Twitter

You can show your social activity right on the app.

Push notifications and newsstand updates

Send app users push notifications based on settings in the application. Reach out your users by announcing new products, the launch of a product or a campaign or a special offer! The Mobile platform also allows you to set push notifications based on tag triggers.


Geofencing alows users of the system to draw zones, generated as in a radius, manually or dynamically, around places or point locations, and to distribute location specific notifications to customers on their mobile devices.

Send your customers location based promotions, campaigns, or ads directly to their devices.

Authentication (coming soon)

Create login/registration screens to allow access to private or premium contents for subscribers.


Import Contents

Add your publication contents, and related rich-media files.

Content Organization

Manage document status and availability, organize your publication types, and sequence your publications; Define publication types, and classify publications (iOS); Instant preview, publishing and updates.



An audio can be added to a page to play at the size it is placed or use audio controls to allow the user to play the audio clip. An audio clip can be be included in the issue download (local) or streamed from a website (external).


A video can be added to a page to play at the size it is placed or use video controls to allow the user to play the video. A video can be included in the issue download (local) or streamed from a Website (external) such as YouTube or Vimeo.


Slideshows support multiple picture files. Customize the timing and effects as well as the slideshow crops for the start and end of each slide to make your slideshows unique.

Zoomable Images

Zoomable images are larger than the screen size of the device so users can zoom/pinch and move/pan around the image. This control can be added to the image or to a button that references the image.


Allow you to open a pdf file, with additional information, from within your pdf publication.


A link to an email address will open an email compose window within an app, with several fields optionally pre-filled.


Geolocation allows you to add map coordinates to a button, that will launch a map view when tapped. This allows you to show users a specific place on a map.

Hotspots & Popups

Hotspots and popups are fixed areas of the page where content can be changed by tapping buttons. This allows a lot more content to reside on one page.


Apps have a built-in browser that allows Websites to be visited from within the app, or trough the device browser.

HTML5 Widgets & Web Views

You can use HTML content to include changeable content or custom interactivity within an issue such as real-time ads, panoramas, 360° product tours or Google maps. Web views can reference an online URL or you can embed the HTML within your issue file.

USER PROFILES (coming soon)

Manage user profiles, and users

  • Manage and authorize registrations;
  • Associate content types to user profiles.

Easy users organization management:

  • Manage organizational structures;
  • Create/edit user profiles;
  • Associate users to user profiles;
  • Relate content type, with users profiles;
  • Possible integration with your backoffice system.


Metrics and reports

Optimize your content and budget with mobiSHOUT! metrics and reports, delivering real-time insight into audience engagement and preferences;

Gain even more insight into the activity of your readers with Google Analytics reporting. Get information on page visits, time spent, search topics, user navigation, content shares and more so you can adapt your content to maximize your publication’s potential.


App inside app

Get an app inside your app. Include customizable off-the-shelf features, or tell us what you need and we will develop it from scratch accordingly to your business needs.

Geo-location Information

Make sure your costumers know how to get to you and/your stores providing them detailed maps of the venue and local attractions.

Calendar/Schedule events

Calendar control, with events list, allowing the user to get more information about a specific event, or events enrollment.


Costumizable forms for comments, information requests and feedback.


Reservations, booking, appointments schedule, with possible backoffice system integration.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs, discount coupons and promotions and targeted contents;
CRM/Loyalty systems integration.


Custom based development. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take it from there.


Branded visual design

Work with our team of graphic designers to create on-brand visual representations aligned with your branding styles and corporate image.

Interaction design

We actualize your interactive ideas to build engaging content displays.

Mobile development

We leverage your existing business communication app, developing additional custom based features, to package a premium experience to your users.

Technical support

We’ll ensure we keep the technology wheels turning to ensure your success.


Agency partner program

Let us partner with you to create stunning visualizations that will wow your clients.
Take your costumers from paper based to digital mobile communications solution.
We can work together, each of us doing what knows best.


We're proud to announce mobiPROMOS app is out and ready to download. Grab a copy and never be unprepared for the PROMOS AGAIN!